Misc Melon

The Melon Rallying Cry.

In case you still need more, we have more random stuff for you! Above, The Watermelon Song, the official Melon anthem. And yes, there are remixes.

Previous Melon Camp Names include Protomelon (2009), Brötermeløn (2010), Othermelon (2011), Melondrome (2012), Melonstone National Park (2013), Fool's Melon (2014), L Melon O P (2015) and Melon of Troy (2016) . Why "Melon? Here's why.

Want to see the Melon camp grow from wee seedling to beautiful patch from outer space? Click here!

Just as not all melons are watermelons, not all Melons like watermelons. Shocking but true!

Can't wait to learning that cool lingo they say out there? Burner say what? What.

Oh you have more time to really get into the Burning Man spirit? We recommend starting here:

This one is particularly loved by a certain subset of the Melon family.

Just Add Couches was filmed at the 1996 Burning Man Festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.

Burning Man Festival documentary - 1995. This is the prequel to "Just Add Couches."

And wait, there's more!


Buzzfeed published a great snapshot of Burning Man from 2013: 24 hours at Burning Man


Michelle’s fav music video from 2011