Camp Organizational Structure

See Ya Later, XVC. Hello, Co-Leads

Up until 2020, camp was courageously led by a team of 7-12 Melons who handled all major decision-making and project execution for camp. In 2020, we're looking to disperse that responsibility amongst the masses. We've said goodbye to the XVC (Executive Vision Committee) as we knew it, and are now being led by a small team of "Co-Leads". The Co-Leads oversee a team of Pod Leads, who oversee little project teams within their pods (see below). We're encouraging more in-person, group setting execution of conversations, ideas and projects. Here's a nifty little graphic with all the details:

Project Pods & opportunities for you to get more involved

As Melon Camp has grown, it has required more work in the Default World to assure a proper desert bloom. We are working on a new model of leadership and organization in 2020 in an effort to increase participation. In the same way that we all share responsibility for the melon community, no single person is responsible for leading or overseeing all of camp. We all share different roles in making sure camp runs smoothly. Below is a breakdown of the different departments, and what projects they oversee. If you’re interested in getting involved with a specific department or project, reach out to the Camp Co-Leads ( and we’ll put you into touch with the right Melon!

    • Art & Events (Melon Gifting Logistics, Melon Ball Planning, Frontage/Signage)

    • Comms & Culture (Melon Bible, On-playa orientation & Vest program, Post-Playa feedback survey, virgin acculturation, Consent Crew)

    • EarlyMan/StrikeMan (Camp layout, Camp Build plan and Camp strike logistics)

    • Infrastructure (Power, Lights, Sound, Water, PlayaTech furniture, Shade)

    • Kitchen & Food (Dinner pre-planning, Kitchen infrastructure, cold food storage, dishwashing)

    • Leave No Trace (Garbage/Recycling, Waste Management, Compost, Burn Barrel)

    • Transpo (ChiCargo The Melon Chicago-Playa-Chicago Shipping Program, NYC/CaliCargo, Bikes)

Here's a nifty chart outlining the full project pod breakdown: