Melon Tips For Better Burning

Climb At Your Own Risk

Just the tips, please.

There is lots to do at Burning Man, and a lot may be a smidgen out of your wheelhouse. So over the years the Melons have made (many!) short "Melon Tips" to help you. The best way to learn is to do.



Use a Packing List

Ziplock Everything

Make a List and Take Photos

Don't Panic (Butter)!



Decant Your Glass


How To Get Orientated At Melon Camp

How To Help Orient New Melons

Consent At Melon Camp

Other Black Rock City Resources

Camp Infrastructure

Staking A Tent

Setting Up And Putting Away Shade

Setting Up And Putting Away The Dusty Bucket (Kitchen Tent)

Setting Up And Putting Away The Melondome

Setting Up And Putting Away The Hammocks

Setting Up And Putting Away The Cargo Net

Setting Up And Putting Away The Shower

Setting Up And Putting Away Playatech


Unboxing Your Bicycle

Boxing Your Bicycle

Removing and Replacing Bicycle Pedals

Adjusting a Bicycle Seat

Adjusting a Bicycle Handlebar

Fixing a Flat Tire

Fixing a "Playa Fixie"


Changing Water Barrels

Getting Ice

Changing Coolers

Doing Dishes

Cleaning Yourself

Protecting Your Hair

Protecting Your Skin

Using The Shower

Electrolytes and Vitamins

Cleaning Your Stuff

Distributing Melons On Playa


Collecting MOOP

Sorting Your Trash

Does It Recycle?

Does It Burn?

Taking Trash Home

Taking Trash Home On The Burner Express

Mitigating Bad Habits

Drink Water

Eat Food


Plastic Your Glass

Make An Ashtray


Photo Board

Snail Mail



First Aid

Fire Extinguishers

Law Enforcement

Emergency Radio

What Will I Feel Like At Burning Man?

You are probably going to have some epic emotions at Burning Man. Embrace these emotions! Everyone is having them! However, if you are having a bad emotion, consider a few things first:

  1. Are you thirsty? Have some water whether you think you’re thirsty or not. Hydrate

  2. Are you hungry? When did you last eat? Consider eating something.

  3. When did you last sleep? Maybe take a nap, or just go to bed!

If those aren’t the problem, find a close friend, or a stranger, and have some real talk. Emotions have a habit of finding their way to the surface on the playa. Consider this an opportunity to let them out. And don't worry, if you're feeling like talking, there is always someone who wants to listen. That is the beauty of this thing we call Burning Man.