A Money Manife$to

🍉 Money and financial resources in the context of Burning Man can be polarizing, controversial, divisive.

🍉 We work very hard to keep camp accessible: we have below average dues and a low income dues option.

🍉 We prefer to “front-load” money matters: budgeting in the spring and sticking to that budget in the summer so that fall & winter energies can be focused on next year.

🍉 We’re entrepreneurial: ChiCargo uses our camp strengths to provide services that hundreds of other participants LOVE, while also helping our bottom line AND giving back to non-profits in our respective communities.

🍉 We’re pragmatic: paying small transaction fees is not ideal but it makes transactions secure, fast, simple, and accessible to virtually everyone.

🍉 We value clarity and transparency: we keep separate bank accounts, we reimburse people promptly, and any reasonable request for more information will be answered by the co-leads.

🍉 If a critical mass of melons are contributing to camp AND building community, we think that‘s a good use of camp funds! Specifically:

IF a meeting of melons meets ALL of these criteria:

    1. People: 4 or more melons meet up in person

    2. Production: these melons create something tangible for Burning Man OR create and something intangible but substantial, for example: blueprints for a collaborative art project.

    3. Documentation: Within 3 days, one participant emails to the co-leads

        • Photos, links, or other documentation of work done (Google Docs preferred)

        • Count of participants with their email addresses

THEN camp will reimburse that participant $8 per melon, per 6 hours worked, pegged to price of an XL Domino’s pizza and 12 pack of Tecate/Coors Light.

    • Example A: four melons meet up and spend 8 hours building new shelves for the trailer, and Mandy Melon buys beer and pizza. The next day, Mandy emails the XVC photos of the new shelves and email addresses of participants.

      • Camp reimburses Mandy $32

    • Example B: a big build day! Eight melons spend 13 hours building and painting new Playatech furniture, and Cynthia Cantelope buys sodas and sandwiches. Two days later, Cynthia emails the XVC photos of the furniture and email addresses of the participants.

      • Camp reimburses Cynthia $128

🍉 Individual melons are welcome to gift additional funds/financial resources toward build days, camp infrastructure, etc.