Participate In Burning Man

A communal effort.

Burning Man is run by volunteers and communal effort. It takes a lot to make the third-largest city in Nevada tick. Which is why the Melons highly recommend volunteering on playa. Pitching in feels good, and it is a great way to meet new people.

Some things, like slinging coffee at the Center Camp Cafe, you can totally sign up to do once you get there but some jobs you'll want to sign up for while still in the Default World. Those kinds of jobs that Melons have done previously and recommend include: work a shift as a Temple Guardian and help keep the Temple (pictured above in 2016), the Playa's most emotionally charged space, a safe one; stay really cool in the desert and look hot doing it while selling ice to the denizens of Black Rock City at Arctica; make sure Burning Man virgins start their Burns off with a clang as a Greeter; get the city in the right mood by being a Lamplighter; keeping Burners from burning by working fire perimeter!.

For a fuller list of volunteer opportunities, head over here. After you find something you are interested, sign up using your Burner Profile to get more information.

Worried about doing a shift and not knowing anyone? Mention it on the Melon Facebook group - there is probably another Melon who'd be down to volunteer with you. Thinking about all this right now just too much? No worries. When you get to the Playa you can always head on over to the V-Spot at the Playa Info area of Center Camp and they'll help pair you with a sweet gig.