Build Days

Melons hard at work making bike racks at a Chicago Build Day.

It is a lot of work getting the Melons to the playa and we can use your help!

Each year as the Burn approaches Melons host a number of Build Days, in which we work on art and camp projects, in cities across the country. They're a casual, friendly way to help participate with camp, meet other Melons, and maybe learn to use a power tool. They can be small pillow-making parties in your living room or they can be huge 48' trailer loading parties in the street. They just have to be fun.

The Melons have had Build Days in Chicago, New York, Miami, LA, San Francisco and San Diego. Melons and non-Melons alike are always welcome, and you can host one yourself!

For more information on upcoming Build Days, keep an eye on your email and our regional Slack channels.

For more information on other off-playa ways to participate, what about Bringing Art? Or attending a Clean-up Day?