What Is Melon Camp?

Melondome and Kelp Forest

The Kelp Forest of Melon of Troy (2016).

Melon Camp is a group of folk from all walks of life who come together each year and camp at Burning Man. We're ridiculously well-organized, kind, hopefully literate fruits who don't mind doing some work. Our official name on the Playa changes each year (in 2019 we were called Melon Rouge) but what we offer remains the same: shade, water, dinner, community and fruit-based love. We hail from all over the world and come in all sizes, colors, creeds and generations. For more about us, you can check out our Melon Manifesto!

Melon Camp is NOT a "Plug-N-Play" camp. We respect those who choose to Burn that way, but we don't think they would like camping with us very much. Each Melon Camp is built with fruit-based love, sweat and tears - but it really does look easy when we all pitch in. That's why Melon Camp expects each Melon to participate at camp, and at Burning Man, in good faith.