Let's Talk Tickets

Hi everyone!  Garth the Ticket Fairy wrote this email but is currently traveling in a part of the world with iffy internet, so here's his ticket email.


  1. Make and register a Burner Profile for the sale between tomorrow and Friday.

  2. Buy ticket(s) at exactly 12 p.m. PDT March 23. Here’s a calendar reminder!

  3. Even if you didn’t get a ticket in the general sale, register as a Melon!

Why, hello there! You look great. Guess what? It is almost time to get tickets to Burning Man!

DON’T PANIC! If you want to buy a ticket to That Thing In The Desert this year, here’s how in 3 EASY AND IMPORTANT steps:

1. Before 12 p.m. PDT Friday (March 18) you have to register your Burner Profile for the general ticket sale. And to do that you must make a Burner Profile SO DO SO HERE. You can’t buy a ticket if you don’t have a registered profile. Hop to it!

2. Next week on Wednesday, March 23, go get in line for the sale at exactly 12 p.m. (noon) PDT. After you do step one Burning Man will send you a link to the sale. Worried you will forget? Here, I made a calendar reminder for you! Once the sale start try and buy one (or two*) ticket(s) to Burning Man 2016. They cost $431 a pop after taxes and processing fees**. If you want a vehicle pass that will be an additional $80 per vehicle.*** Oh, FYI, they just take Visa and Mastercard, so leave the AmEx and Diner’s Club cards at home.

3. After the sale come back to this e-mail and fill out the form at the bottom of this e-mail (or go fill out the same form here: http://bit.ly/1pMzew9) so the Melons**** know how the sale went for you (even if it went badly) and that you want to camp with us. If you don’t fill out the form we will assume you don’t want to camp with us and will stop bothering you with emails. String of sad face emojis.

And that’s it! Easy peasy. Don’t do step three, don’t hear from the Melons again this year. However I, personally, hope you do do step three (heh, do do, heh). Because even if you don’t get a ticket in the general sale it is amazing what a little fruit-based love and positive thinking can turn up as folk’s summer plans change…

Anyways, happy hunting!

The Man burns in 171 days!

GJ ‘da TF

* More people want to go to Burning Man than there are tickets and not everyone gets far enough in the line to get one. If you luck out and make it though, and have the money, try and get two! That way the Ticket Fairy (me!) can find an unticketed melon to buy your extra ticket. You’ll make a melon’s year!

** Yes that is a lot of money. But remember there is no money once you’re in Black Rock City!

*** If you are ridesharing, taking the Burner Express Bus, or flying to BRC you don’t need a vehicle pass. If you are driving you only need only one pass per car. If you can manage the bus or a rideshare well, the Burning Man organization and the Melons highly recommend you do.  

**** The Melons! That’s us! And you - yes you! - if you want! We’re a happy rag-tag bunch of highly organized fruit fans who like to hang out in the desert. Join us!

You should see a fancy form below--if you do not, please complete the form here: http://bit.ly/1pMzew9