Melon Camp Registration


To be a Burning Melon you need to first register and pay your dues. No exceptions. Here’s how!

Register Your Melon Self

Registering for camp is easy! You just need to get the registration link while registration is open. If you look around it shouldn't be hard to find. If this is your first year camping with the Melons, ask your friend who is referring you for the link! Other things to know:

  • Camp registration for 2019 opens 12:01pm PST on Thursday, April 11th, 2019 (the day after the Main ticket sale).

  • Camp registration closes 12:01pm PST on Thursday, August 1st, 2019 (the day after the OMG ticket sale).

  • The camp size cap for 2019 is 80.

  • If you are a first time Melon, you must be referred by a returning Melon.

Pay Your Dues

Burning Man the event is a gift-based economy. But unfortunately Burning Man itself is not so much. Building a Melon camp with all that entails costs dough, so we ask Melons to pay dues. They are $228 for regular dues and $108 for reduced dues (for more on reduced dues, see below!).

Melon dues must be paid via debit or credit card at the point of registration. Full refunds of dues will be available up until registration closes (12:01pm PST on Thursday, August 1st, 2019).

More On Referrals

It is such an honor when a Melon refers someone to camp, and this has happened literally hundreds of times over the last eight years. We want to keep a good thing going, while adding steps that strengthen camp culture and keep our camp size manageable. So this year we’re updating our referral guidelines to increase inclusiveness, and enable better support from referers. It goes like this:

  • Only returning Melons can refer new Melons. New Melons, you’ll get to participate next year!

  • New in 2019: Returning Melons can refer up to 2 new Melons. 4+ year Veteran Melons can refer up to 4 new Melons

  • Referrals can be replaced if plans change. Ex: your quota is 2; you refer Snowflake, and Yuko; Yuko backs out; now you can refer Emi.

  • Veterans are responsible for calculating and monitoring their own quotas.

Referrers must be camping with the Melons in 2019. As a referrer, it is your job to provide guidance and support to your new Melon, and make sure they are familiar with Melon ways of doing things (*cough* and our Manifesto *cough*).

How Referrals Work, Once More With Feeling

This simpler 2+4 quota thing is a bit new to us, too. So let's break it down shall we? Before camp registration opens:

  • Referrers calculate their referral quota (less than 4 years = 2, more than 4 years = 4)

  • Referrers plan out who they will refer, discussing & checking in with potential referrees

  • Referrers guide referees through the ticket buying process: sending reminders, directing them to, answering questions, etc.

  • Referrers and referees make a plan for camp registration, and make sure they have the correct email addresses for each other

After camp registration opens:

  • Referrers register first and submit the correct email addresses for their referees

  • Referrers do not need to list all of their referrals when they initially register: they can add, remove, update and change referees later by modifying their registration, using the custom link in their emailed registration receipt

  • Referrees then complete their registration, with the correct email address for their referrer

  • If referrees register first OR email addresses do not match, the referree's registration will be rejected and their dues refunded

After everyone is registered:

  • Referrers check in with their referrees leading up to the Burn to ensure they’re prepared. Radical Self-Reliance is important, but so is knowing what to expect when newbies arrive on playa :)

  • Referrers share resources with their referral Melons, like the Burning Melon website & packing lists

  • Referrers act as a resource & friendly face for their referrals on-playa

  • Referrers practice good communal effort, participation & inclusion by helping their referrals acclimate & meet new friends on-playa

  • Referrers are responsible for their referrees. Some ways that responsibility might play out on playa if the referee is: flailing on a shift, has a conflict with another camp member, needs to be accompanied back to camp or to the med tent for a medical problem

Not so bad, right?

More On Camp Size

Vague intentions regarding camp size caught up with us in 2016, and while we were able to accommodate everyone (barely!), we need to consider the limitations of our shared infrastructure (i.e. shade & water). Therefore, just like last year, camp size will be capped at 80 melons in 2019. While registration is open, an up-to-the-minute counter of remaining spots will be visible below. After the cap is reached the XVC may make exceptions at their discretion.

Is camp full?  When will camp be full?

Oops! It looks like the 2019 Melon Camp is full.

More On Reduced Dues

As our camp has grown, the cost to camp with us (ie. registration) has increased to support an ever-more-awesome playa home. Like a patch of casabas, crenshaws, and sharlyns, one of the best things about the Melons is our beautiful variety. We realize that the registration cost may be prohibitive for some and we want all prospective melons to be able to make it to the burn! Some guidelines for those using this option:

  • Did you apply for a low-income ticket to Burning Man?

  • Would the registration fee prevent you from camping with the melons?

  • Are you underemployed or unemployed?

If you can answer YES to any of these questions, you may want to consider the reduced dues option. Please note that we are testing Reduced Dues on an experimental, honor-system basis. Please opt in only if you think you need it. Seriously, don’t ruin it for everyone.

Meanwhile Anyone can donate to support Reduced Dues – even if you're using Reduced Dues yourself (almost like a DIY sliding scale...). If donations exceed the Reduced Dues need, excess will go towards camp infrastructure.

What About Shipping Burner Boxes and Stuff? Where’d That Go?

Good question! In years past Melons have signed up to ship things like our Burner Boxes and bikes while they registered for camp. Things are a little bit different in 2019 though and we’re still figuring that out. So stay tuned, mmkay?

Link to Register For Melon Camp

Oops! It looks like the 2019 Melon Camp has filled up, as has its waitlist. We're really sorry if you were hoping to camp with us this year. It is nothing personal, we just logistically can only handle so many Melons in one patch. We still hope you'll find us on the playa, say hi, and maybe enjoy a cool refreshing slice of melon and/or melon-flavored beverage at one of our events!