A Brief History of Burningmelon

2009: "protomelon"

Three friends from Chicago made plans to return to Burning Man and camp with a few other mutual friends. While at a thrift store picking up playa fashions, they found a large beach umbrella decorated with a watermelon pattern. It was glorious, it was impractical, they were certain it wouldn't last 10 minutes on the playa, so naturally it had to be bought and dragged ~2000 miles to Black Rock City. They placed the umbrella at the front of their camp and it became the camp's marker: "we're by the watermelon umbrella."  The umbrella survived, and on the drive back the three friends made plans to return next year.


The umbrella and three friends returned in 2010 to form Brötermeløn, a placed camp of 19 people on a 50x100 plot.

Executive Vision Committee (XVC)

While planning for 2011, the original three friends were joined be a fourth friend who helped plot and scheme.  Someone used the tongue-in-cheek phrase "Executive Vision Committee" and it stuck, later acronymized to "XVC."  Since 2011 the XVC has grown in numbers and sophistication: the current requirements for XVC membership are:
  1. Camping with the melons at least once
  2. Volunteer to join the XVC
The XVC coordinates much of the Burningmelon planning: camp naming, dues & finances, camp policies, this website, and much more.


The umbrella and three friends returned in 2011 to form Othermelon, a placed camp of 20 people on a 150x100 plot.


The umbrella and three friends returned in 2012 to form Melondrome, a placed camp of 35 people on a 150x100 plot.

Melonstone National Park

The umbrella and three friends returned in 2013 to form Melonstone National Park, a camp of 37 people that did not get placement because someone missed the application deadline, whoops!

Fool's Melon

The umbrella and one of the three friends returned in 2014--the other two embarked on a incredibly noble but demanding multi-year project to make the world a better place.  The camp was 58 people on a 150x100 plot.

L melon O P

The umbrella and one friend returned in 2015 to form L melon O P, a placed camp of 64 people on a 200x150 plot.