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Melon Umbrella On The MarchEnough with the serious stuff. Time to get into a melon state of mind! Here are some fruity picks for your reading, listening, and viewing pleasure.

"Why 'Melon Camp'?
," you wonder? Why not a Melon camp, we say. But also, seriously, the Melons got their name because for every year we've been on the Playa our camp has been watched over up by that beautiful watermelon umbrella you see on our homepage and also being carried to the 2015 Temple Burn in the picture to the right.    

But not actually "Melon Camp." Actually, the Melons have never camped in a camp called Melon camp (or John Cougar Melon Camp for that matter). Instead our camp name has changed each year since the first Melons planted their seeds on the Playa in 2009.

Want to see the Melon camp grow from wee seedling to beautiful patch from outer spaceJust click here!

Previous Melon Camp names have included protomelon (2009), Brötermeløn (2010), Othermelon (2011), Melondrome (2012), Melonstone National Park (2013), Fool's Melon (2014) and L Melon O P (2015). Think about that last one for a second and you'll get it. As for this year? By popular vote in 2016 our camp will be... Melon of Troy. And she's gonna be a real beaut!

Did you know that there is a Melon theme song? There is! 

Be Prepared To Love This Song:

Fun fact: just as not all melons actually are watermelons, not all Melons actually like watermelons. Shocking but true! 

Looking to get into the Burning Man spirit? 


Buzzfeed published a great snapshot of Burning Man from 2013: 24 hours at Burning Man


Michelle’s fav music video from 2011

Maybe sit back and watch a few Burning Man movies? 

This one is particularly loved by a certain subset of the Melon family.
Just Add Couches was filmed at the 1996 Burning Man Festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.

Burning Man Festival documentary - 1995. This is the prequel to "Just Add Couches."