🔥🍉ℹ Melon Camp Information 🔥🍉ℹ

Whether it's your first time camping with the Melons or you're a returning Melon who has questions about camp infrastructure, you've come to the right place!

What is Melon camp?

We are a low key camp of ~60 people, with ~8,000 sq ft of shade from the sun, nightly communal dinners, an awesome kitchen, and water for drinking + showers. We also have a sound system (for chill tunes and dance parties at appropriate hours) and several awesome art projects. Why Melon camp? We have our reasons.

What does camp provide? Where do my camp dues go?

  • Water
    • Without water you're not going to last long on the playa. The Melons truck in barrels and barrels of water so that everyone has plenty to drink, cook with, and shower with during the week. You don't need to worry about bringing any water beyond the amount you need to drink on your way to and from the Burn.
  • Shade
    • Second only to water in importance for your comfort and safety! Melon camp has 8,000 sq ft of shade made from aluminet, a lightweight material that blocks 75% of the sun.
    • The shade structures cover our tent area, kitchen, and common space.
    • Helping set up shade structures is an easy, fun, and super helpful task that any and all Melons can help with (learn more about how you can contribute to camp here).
  • Common space
    • Playatech furniture
    • Hammocks
    • Lighting
    • Bike racks
    • Photo board for your beautiful faces
    • Handy-dandy WaterMAILon message system
  • Extensive and ridiculously organized tools
  • Stakes for keeping your tent secure (no need to bring rebar)
  • First aid
  • Kitchen
    • Pots, pans, knives, tools, etc.
    • Paper plates and bowls. Why use disposable plates, you ask? They are easy to burn at the end of the week, and save us using a ton of water to wash dishes. The water waste would actually be much more of a problem.
    • Scary powerful multi-burner camp stove and fuel
    • Coolers for dinner ingredients, communal snacks and drinks
      • If you have your own cooler, definitely bring it because we are often tight on cooler space (and to hold any personal drinks / food)
    • Kitchen seasonings, cooking oil, and an obscene amount of peanut butter. To be specific:
      • Salt
      • Pepper
      • Red pepper flakes
      • Garlic powder
      • Minced garlic
      • Italian spice blend (usually mix of oregano, basil, etc)
      • Olive oil
      • Peanut butter (seriously, you don't need to bring your own peanut butter)
      • Hot sauce
  • Coffee
  • Bar 
    • To put your booze - in plastic bottles if possible! - on. We don't actually provide hooch for camp, that would make your dues way higher!
  • Trash
    • We collect plastic / aluminum recyclables, compostables, paper burnables, and straight-up trash. NO GLASS!
  • Shower
    • Betcha didn't know you could shower at Burning Man! That's right - we have a camp shower. We just ask that you water your melon sparingly - don't plan on showering every day.
  • Sound system for chill tunes during the day and dance parties when we feel like it
  • Art

What about meals? Does camp provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

  • Camp DOES NOT provide breakfast or lunch. Popular breakfast and lunch foods you might bring include bacon, avocados, bacon, pretzel bread & cheddar sandwiches, oatmeal, and bacon.
  • However camp DOES host communal dinners Monday - Saturday nights. In fact, camp dinner is many Melons' favorite camp feature! Each night a group of 10-12 Melons cooks dinner for everyone in camp. When the time gets closer, we'll send some emails organizing people into cooking groups based on arrival day.
    • When it is your night to cook: plan the menu with your dinner team, make something tasty, and stick around to help clean up afterwards.
    • When it's not your night to cook: get back to camp by sunset to enjoy a delicious meal.
    • Melon Tip: Prep as many dinner ingredients as you can BEFORE heading to the playa. For example, buy minced garlic in a jar and pre-chop onions and other vegetables. Some people even make their full meal and freeze it for transportation to the playa, then they just have to defrost, heat and serve. The working conditions will be much worse in camp than at home, and you're just not going to want to spend an hour of your Burning Man time chopping 20 onions.

What does camp NOT provide that I should be aware of?

  • As mentioned above - breakfast and lunch food.
  • Dinners on Sunday nights (both Sundays - beginning of the week and end of the week).
  • Enough chairs for everyone to have a seat in the common space. Please bring a few camp chairs if you can!
  • Generator / power
  • All the things on our Melon packing list 

How can I get a better sense of what camp will be like? (Photos)

  • Check out these documentary photos from last year's burn!
Tents under aluminet shade structure, plus 3 comfy communal hammocks:

Ridiculously well-organized kitchen tools:

Bike racks at dusk: