🔥🍉🕵 What Does it Mean to be a Melon? 🔥🍉🕵

All the information you need about being a Melon before, during and after the Burn.  
Welcome melons new and old, you are home!

Being a Melon Before the Burn

  • Participate in Build Days!

    • If you live in an area where Melons are hosting Build Days, join in!  We will need help putting things together for the Playa. Lending a hand on Build Days helps to spread the work out amongst Melons and makes all of the pre-Burn work go by faster.  Plus, you get to meet both new and returning melons before the Burn and get any questions you have about the Burn answered!

Being a Melon at Melon Camp

  • Help Build Camp When You Arrive on Playa
    • Depending on when you arrive at Burning Man, Melon Camp could be half built, not built at all or totally built. However, with new Melons arriving every day, we will always need help building our ever expanding camp. This can mean helping to load and unload shade from the trailer, setting-up communal furniture, or building melon art projects which need to be completed on playa. Please make sure to participate in building our big, beautiful camp throughout the week.
  • Use the MelonTips (That Are Made Just for You!)
    • All around camp you’ll see MelonTips (just like the one below) to help you practice radical self-reliance. MelonTips can help teach you to do anything around camp like putting your bike together if you shipped it on our trailer, working the camp shower (maybe you should try a communal foam bath instead?) or helping build camp shade as more people come to camp. If you have a question, see if the answer is located on a MelonTip. If it’s on a MelonTip, we are 110% sure you can do it.  If you still need help, ask a friend!  Melons love helping other melons.

    Helpful MelonTip Example

  • Volunteer for camp tasks and projects during the week
    • Camp is only as good as we make it together. As Melons, we should all take some time out of our day to make sure we contribute to camp in some way. Some fun things that you can do include:
      • Going to get ice for camp!
      • Helping newly arrived Melons set up shade! 
      • Refilling the dish buckets with clean water!
      • Moving the water spigots onto new barrels!
      • Doing a MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) sweep.
      • Bringing empty aluminum cans to be recycled at Recycle Camp!
      • And more!

  • Keep Common Areas Clean
    • Because we have a camp full of melons, it’s important to keep common spaces clean - this reduces MOOP around camp and also allows everyone to enjoy our shared space such as our kitchen and living room area. Please make sure to pick-up after yourself before you leave camp for the day and keep your personal items in your tent, cooler or burn box so they don’t blow away when a dust storm blows through.

  • Do Your Dishes In Kitchen
    • When you’re cooking meals on your own during the day, we expect each melon to do their dishes and set the kitchen to zero. This means that you must do all of your dishes after you use them so that other melons can use our communal cookware.
(This is what the kitchen should like when you're done. No dishes anywhere! Great job Melon!)

  • Show up for Your Dinner Shift
    • One of the best parts of Camp Melon is our shared Melon dinners. As a melon, you will be asked to contribute to camp by preparing dinner with a group of people. We don’t have a lot of rules at Camp Melon except one: YOU DO YOUR DINNER. Please make sure you show up for your dinner shift and participate in your dinner team’s meal whatever your role may be in the process. Melons are depending on you to do your part and if you are not there, you will be missed.
  • Put Trash Where it Belongs (and change trashbags when they're full)
    • Melon Camp prides itself on its organized trash and recycling system. Trash bins are color coded to reflect what should be placed in the bin. Please make sure that you put your trash where it belongs and replace bags when they get full. No one like overflowing trash bins at home, so why should our home at Burning Man be any different? And please, NO GLASS!

  • Respecting Each and Every Melon
    • Melon Camp is an inclusive camp: we respect each other and practice active consent. We want Camp Melon to be a place where people feel safe to be themselves during the Burn.
    • If you see a melon who needs some help, please make sure you take a moment to check in: listen, offer water, offer a shoulder to cry on or some of that bacon you just made. The playa can be a very emotional place and it’s important we are there for eachother. These interactions can be some of your most memorable moments on playa.

  • Practice Consent 
    • We are a sex positive camp and support consent at Camp Melon. Every year we take part of the
      Bureau of Erotic Discourse (B.E.D) theme camp challenge to support the right of every person to say "NO" and be respected. We want to facilitate a space where people feel safe and supported in the choices they make, whether those choices involve a sexual encounter or conversation. If you are unfamiliar with how consent works or need a refresher on the topic, please visit B.E.D's website prior to coming to the playa. We need every melon to participate in educating themselves and others in this important part of camp life.

  • Pay Attention to Your Sound
    • There is no official sound policy at Camp Melon, however, it’s important to recognize that everyone likes to listen to different music at different levels at different times of the day. Please respect your fellow melons (and playa neighbors) and think about your noise level at night and in the morning - some people like to go to sleep early and others like to sleep in. If you need to speak to someone at any point during the Burn about their noise level, please do so with respect. If someone talks to you about your noise level during the Burn, please listen and adjust accordingly.
  • Take a Picture of Yourself for the Melon Wall
    • Make sure when you get to camp or shortly thereafter you take a Polaroid of yourself and add it to the melon patch wall!  If you’re not on the wall, were you ever even a melon?

      Your face here!

Being a Melon on the Playa

  • Don’t MOOP
    • Burning Man is the largest Leave No Trace (LNT) event in the world and that begins with you! Be considerate of MOOP on the Playa. We recommend that every melon carries a MOOP bag with them as they travel to pick-up MOOP that might cross their path.
  • Say "Yes"!
      • Join in! Volunteer! Play! Make sure you say “yes” to experiences that cross your path in unexpected ways. 

  • Gifting on the Playa
    • Give to the Playa and you will receive. You may have heard about the ever-present gifting culture at Burning Man. What is a gift? It's anything you want it to be! It can be creating a special experience for others, helping a person in need, sharing your breakfast with a stranger or stopping to help someone fix their bike. When it comes to gifting, it's whatever you want it to be. Just remember that THINGS (like stickers or small trinkets) that can be lost on the Playa and become MOOP are not necessarily the best gifts to bring with you.
  • Bring a Melon and Give a Melon
    • Every Melon is encouraged to bring a melon with them to camp. As the week progresses, melons are encouraged to take a melon and gift it to the Playa. Bring a melon with you to another camp or out to the Man and share it with people you meet. Everyone will love you!

Being a Melon After the Burn

  • Help Tear Down Camp
    • On Sunday, Melon Camp is torn down and put away for next year. This is a task we do as a Camp and always appreciate Melons who are able to stay for Sunday to help tear down camp and pack the trailer.
    • If you are leaving beforehand, see if there are things you can do around camp to pre-pack before you leave.
  • Make Sure to do a MOOP Sweep
    • Before you go, please make sure to check your camping area for any MOOP you may have left at camp. As a camp we do a giant MOOP sweep Sunday night to make sure we don’t miss any MOOP in Melon Camp. If you leave before the sweep, please do your part to do a mini-sweep of camp and pick up what you can.  
  • Take Some Trash Out With You!
    • All Melons are expected to take some of Melon Camp trash back into the default world with them. Don't worry though - if everybody does their part each individual trash bag is remarkably handleable
    • Yes, even Melons who take the Burner Express bus take trash out with them. Burner Express even gives you trash bags for that express purpose!
    • Trash does not include aluminum cans - those go to Recycle Camp!
    • If you bring any glass bottles into Melon camp than you need to bring it out with you.

Volunteering on the Playa

  • There is no better way to get into the Burning Man spirit and meet awesome people on playa than volunteering. It's magic and the Melons highly recommend you give it a shot.
  • Some things, like slinging coffee at the Center Camp Cafe, you can totally sign up to do once you get there but some things you'll want to sign up for while still out here in the Default World.
  • To get a sense of some of the awesome things you can volunteer to do: check out this list!
    • Some non-coffee activities that Melons have done previously and highly recommend include:
      • Work a shift as a Temple Guardian and help keep the Temple (pictured above in 2015), the playa's most emotionally charged space, a safe space for everyone! (Note: it appears the way Temple Guardians work may be changing in 2016...)
      • Stay really cool in the desert and look hot doing it while selling ice to the denizens of Black Rock City at Arctica
      • Make sure Burning Man virgins start their Burns off with a clang as a Greeter!
      • Get the city in the right mood by being a Lamplighter! (Note: being a Lamplighter, while an awesome activity, means you will most likely miss Camp dinner for the night. So if you do sign up to be a Lamplighter make sure that IT ISN'T DURING YOUR DINNER SHIFT!)  
    • After you find volunteer opportunites that you are interested in you'll want to sign up using your Burner Profile to get more info.
    • Worried about doing a shift at not knowing anyone? Mention it on the Melon Facebook group - there is probably another Melon who'd be down to volunteer with you. 
  • Thinking about all this right now just too much? No worries. When you get to the Playa you can always head on over to the V-Spot at Playa Info area of Center Camp and they'll help pair you with a sweet gig.

Contributing to Melon Art on the Playa

  • Along with volunteering on Playa, the Melons are also highly encouraged to bring their art - whatever that might be - to camp. Truly, art is one of the best gifts you can bring to the Playa. We've even got a Melon in charge of placing art around camp! 
  • Check it out, we have a whole page dedicated to Melon art on the playa!
  • And to be clear, Melon art projects don't have to be physical. Melon art contributed in the past has ranged from cello concerts in the portapotties to charcoal caricatures on the go to themed parties in the deep playa!
  • Which doesn't mean we don't love a good art project you can touch as well. Just a few projects we've hosted in the past include:
Kelp Forest 2014
An awesome Kelp Forest to relax in (seen here in Fool's Melon in 2014).

A Book Pond to dive, or just dip your toes, in (seen here at L Melon O P in 2015).
    A working MOOT (Matter Out Of Time) machine (also from L Melon O P in 2015).