🔥🍉🚛 Burning Melon RV Talk 🔥🍉🚛

Ah. RVs. Some camps are only RVs, other camps expressly forbid them. The Melons are somewhere in the middle, though we lean slightly toward the latter. Which is to say we reserve an RV area within our camp and that's about it. So, are you one of the lucky Melons who plan to be living in the lap of luxury in an RV on the playa? Swanky! However, with great luxury comes great responsibility! Ok, not great responsibility, but our camp does have a few non-negotiable requests for you. They are:
  1. Read the RV section of the Burning Man website: http://burningman.org/event/preparation/playa-living/rvs/  Seriously this is not optional! There is a lot of good info in there that is not in this email. In fact, we ask that everyone in your RV take 5 minutes to read this website. It's really important and is required if you plan to park your RV at Melon Camp.
  2. Plan your water usage and blackwater/greywater storage. If you don't understand what this means, please refer to the link above. It is easy to run out of grey/blackwater storage. If your RV leaks grey/blackwater onto the playa you will need to know how to deal with it. If you dump your wastewater onto the playa, in addition to being an asshat, you will be fined by Bureau of Land Management. 
  3. Understand how to service your RV. There is no dumping station on playa, so you have to flag down servicing trucks as they roam the city. This requires you to pay cash at the time of servicing. The fees are $50 for trailers up to 24', $60 for 25'-35' and $30 for each additional tank. Melon Camp does not provide servicing, and cannot schedule or flag down a service truck. This calls for radical self-reliance on your part!
  4. Respect other Melons. Some RVs have very loud generators that may bother other campers. This would suck. The XVC is carefully mapping camp so that the RVs will be placed away from the tents with sound barriers, so hopefully this won't be a problem, but please do be aware. We will let you know where RVs will park before you get to Black Rock City (just as soon as our map is finalized!), and someone in camp will help you find the appropriate parking spot once you arrive at camp.
  5. Camp may ask that you gift some of your generator time or storage space to help with dinners. Don't worry, we're not asking you to host a dinner crew for prep work in your tiny kitchen, but we may ask for small favors like running a couple of rice cookers for dinner. You won't even notice them running, and everyone likes rice, right? 
Got any questions? Questions are good. Don't hesitate to ask the XVC or our friendly Facebook group!