Chicago Regional Shipping Program (CRiSP) 2016
A Fundraiser for B.U.R.N.
(quick summary)

  • Chicago to BRC shipping ("Melon of Troy" camp near 3:45 & A), round trip or one way

  • Round trip prices:

    • $50 per standardized 27 gal bin

    • $10 per ft3 otherwise

  • Bikes: we recommend Cobra's $90 service (

  • New for 2016:

    • On playa pick up is self-service and available 24/7

    • On playa pick up starts Thursday of Early Access

    • Improved online sign up for irregular items, one way shipping, etc

    • Transport your bins on playa via a loaner bike + bike trailer combo, built specifically for Centrex bins

    • 5% "Early Burner Discount" price decrease before 5/1 :)

    • 10% "Sparkle Pony Penalty" price increase after 8/13 :(

  • 2nd annual fully transparent fundraiser for B.U.R.N. aka the Bold Urban Renaissance Network, the IL 501c3 that provides art grants, organizes Decomp, etc.

  • Portion of funds goes to Burner Exchange Program, which provides airfare, transportation, and event tickets for a Lakes of Fire attendee to visit AfrikaBurn and vice versa

  • For 10% discount on public interactive art, email before signing up

  • Transported by licensed and insured freight professionals via a 48' semi trailer

  • Confirmed locations for 2016: CRiSP will be at approx 3:45 and A, Cobra's bike service will be at approx 4:00 and A

  • For detailed info and online sign up, click HERE

Space is limited: first come, first served!