Chicago Regional Shipping Program (CRiSP) 2016
A Fundraiser for B.U.R.N.
(detailed description)

Thanks for your interest in CRiSP 2016! If you haven't already, you may want to read the summary first.

This document is divided into sections:

  1. New for 2016: Summary of changes

  2. The basics

  3. Prohibited items

  4. Bins

  5. New for 2016: BYOlock system

  6. Bikes

  7. Irregular items

  8. Chicago drop off

  9. New for 2016: Playa pick up

  10. Playa drop off

  11. Chicago pick up

  12. Payment

  13. Link to sign up form

  14. Stay connected

1. New for 2016: summary of changes

  • Improved online sign up:

    • Simplified system for one-way shipping

    • Submit up to 5 irregular items at once

  • New BYO lock system (more info here)

    • Reduced handling and sorting, preventing damage

    • Self-service playa pick up and drop off, available 24 hours a day

    • Simplified labeling for one-way shipping

  • Chicago drop off:

    • Faster, simpler, less paperwork

    • Cobra's bike shipping and CRiSP have same time, date, and possibly same location for Chicago drop off (different dates for Chicago pick up)

  • Playa pick up and drop off:

    • Earlier pick up availability: begins Thursday 8/25 at noon (Early Access)

    • Universal-mount bike trailer available for short-term use, build specifically for Centrex bins

    • Later drop off availability: ends Monday 9/5 at noon

  • Time-based pricing:

    • "Early Burner Discount": 5% price decrease before 5/1 :-)

    • "Sparkle Pony Penalty": 10% price increase after Sat 8/13 :-(

2. The basics:

  • Round trip prices: $50 for BYO standardized bin and $10 per cubic foot for irregular items

  • One-way trips are half off

  • For bikes, we recommend Cobra’s Chicago-based $90 bike shipping service, email for details

  • Public, interactive art qualifies for a 10% discount: for consideration, email *before* signing up

  • Transported by contracted freight professionals via a licensed & insured semi-trailer

  • Transparent fundraiser for Bold Urban Renaissance Network, a IL 501(c)3 that provides art grants, organizes Decomp, etc.

  • A portion of donated funds will go to the Burner Exchange program, which provides airfare, transportation, and event tickets for a Lakes of Fire attendee to visit AfrikaBurn and vice versa

  • Space is limited, first come first serve, and reservations are valid only after completion of the online sign up and successful payment processing

  • Sign up closes and there are no refunds after 8/20 at 8:00pm Chicago time

3. Prohibited items

  • Prohibited items include but are not limited to:

    • illegal drugs: cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, etc;

    • "partially legal" drugs: marijuana, cannabis, derivatives or synthetic thereof, etc;

    • perishable food or beverage: produce, milk, fresh juices, etc;

    • fireworks: signal flares, sparklers, other explosives, etc;

    • flammables/fuel: propane, butane, gasoline, diesel, white gas, matches, lighters, etc;

    • paints: spray paint, oil-based paint, etc;

    • household Items: bleach, spray starch, insecticides, drain cleaners, solvents, etc;

    • pressure containers: scuba tanks, camp stove propane canisters, carbon dioxide cartridges, nitrous oxide cartridges, etc;

    • weapons: firearms, ammunition, gunpowder, mace, tear-gas, pepper spray, etc;

    • hazardous materials: dry ice, gasoline-powered tools, wet-cell batteries, camping equipment with fuel, radioactive materials, poisons, infectious substances, etc;

    • wet goods that could open and destroy other property and/or stink up the trailer (stinky cheese), etc.

    • living beings: dogs, cats, humans, fish, etc.

4. Bins

  • $50 price is only for 27 gallon "Tough Box" bins by Centrex

    • NOT 27 gallon storage tote by HDX sold at Home Depot

    • NOT 27 gallon "Tough Tote" by Homz sold at Amazon

    • If you use a non-Centrex tote, it will be irregular and you will be charged $60 or more
  • New for 2016: Before Chicago drop off, we recommend:

    • Bag your bin contents or tape the edges of your bin to prevent intrusion of playa dust

    • Decorate your bin: tape and labels may fall off, painting is better. Unlike 2015, lids will be most visible. Best decorated bins of 2015 were nick-named "Business Cat"--can you top that?!?

  • Not recommended but available: pre-purchase a bin available at Chicago drop off for $10 (at cost)

  • Lid must close completely and be secured at all 6 points (zip ties are recommended)

  • Bins should be packed carefully: they may have hundreds of pounds stacked on it, or leaning against it from any direction

5. New for 2016: BYOlock system
  • At Chicago drop off, bin owners must bring one lock per bin (unlocked)

    • Locks must be compatible with lock holes in Centrex bin

    • When locked to bin, shank must have extra space for a 1/4" diameter cable to pass through (similar to standard pencil)

    • Locks cannot obstruct or interfere with bin stacking

    • Combination style locks strongly recommended, especially if a friend may pick up or drop off your bin

    • Bike locks (cable or U lock) are OK if meeting the above criteria, but not recommended, and can only be used for one bin

    • Bins cannot be locked together or otherwise attached to each other

  • More info about the BYOlock system available here

6. Bikes

  • For bike shipping, we strongly recommend Cobra’s Chicago-based $90 round trip bike shipping service, email for more details

  • If you must use CRiSP to ship your bike, we have limited space for bicycles at a flat cost of $150

  • No trikes, recumbents, "tall bikes," gas- or electric-assist, etc.

  • All bicycles must "fit flat" in provided boxes (70" x 41" x 8.5") 

  • "Fit flat" requires turning/removing handlebars, removing pedals, and removing any other wide objects/decorations (attach loose parts to bike frame with zip ties)

  • Wheels must remain on bicycle and must be at least partially inflated

  • No tools will be available at Chicago or playa drop off or pick up, bring your own tools as necessary

  • Recommendation: responsibly use additional bike box space.  Things like pillows/blankets inside garbage bags can fill empty space, but do so responsibly, as your packing affects all the boxes around you

7. Irregular items

  • Irregular item capacity is limited at our discretion

  • Orders with irregular items may be declined with full refund within 24 hours of order submission

  • We cannot accept fragile or delicate items, may not be able to accept items with any one dimension longer than 8'

  • Dimensions & pricing is "highest point rectilinear" and uses the following procedure:

    • Measure length, width, and height at longest, widest, and tallest point

    • Then, round up to the nearest whole inch. Ex: 14.4" x 30.2" x 43.8" becomes 15" x 31" x 44"

    • Multiply the result and then divide by 1728 for the precise cubic feed. Ex: 15*31*44 = 20,460 then 20,460 / 1728 = 11.84

    • Round up to the nearest cubic foot then multiply by $10 for final cost   Ex. 11.84 becomes 12 then 12*$10 = $120

8. Chicago drop off

  • Chicago drop off will be Saturday, August 20th from noon-8pm within the city limits of Chicago accessible via public transit or car (exact location provided in August to those who sign up)

  • At Chicago drop off, the owner of the bin must be present with a photo ID

  • New for 2016: At Chicago drop off, bin owners must bring one lock per bin (unlocked) (see section 5 above)

  • New for 2016: At Chicago drop off, each bin lock and irregular item will receive a numbered, color coded ticket, required for shipment back to Chicago

9. New for 2016: Playa pick up

  • Playa pick up starts Thursday 8/25 at noon (Early Access)

  • Irregular items will be in a locked trailer compartment, participants with irregular items will be emailed detailed instructions

  • Bins will be in dedicated CRiSP area of the "Melon of Troy" camp run by Burningmelon LLC at approximately 3:45 and A

  • Bins will be locked to a semi-trailer via a steel cable: unlock your lock to remove your bin, then re-lock your lock to the cable

  • Don't lose your tickets, they are required for shipping back to Chicago

  • Bikes shipped with Cobra's Bike Shipping will be at approximately 4:00 and A

10. Playa drop off

  • Playa drop off ends Monday 9/5 at noon

  • Irregular items must be placed back in the locked trailer compartment

  • Bins must be returned to the CRiSP area, re-locked to the steel cable, with the correct ticket attached to the lock

11. Chicago pick up

  • Chicago pick up will be Saturday 9/10 from noon-8pm at same location as above

  • To claim bins, participants must open the bin's lock and return ticket

12. Payment & Refunds

  • Successful payment via credit or debit card is required to sign up

  • Accepted cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club

  • If possible, please submit payment must be in one lump sum covering all items shipped

  • Full refunds are available before 8/20 at 8:00pm Chicago time (also the end of sign up)

  • Refund requests must be submitted via email: reply to the confirmation email (subject line: "Thanks for your sign up of X items") and double-check it's being sent to

  • Refund requests will receive a reply within 48 hours, actual timing of repayment may vary based on your credit/debit card

13. Link to sign up form

  • If you would like to use this program and have no further questions, you can sign up and pay by clicking HERE

14. Stay connected