CaliCargo Shipping Program 2017
A Fundraiser for SDCAP

Thanks for your interest in CaliCargo 2017! We've got a truck that will headed from San Diego to BRC this year and we are renting out space for Octomelon campers and their friends. Dropoff/pickup locations will be in San Diego, Los Angeles and Oakland.

This document is divided into sections:

  1. The basics

  2. Prohibited items

  3. Bins

  4. BYOlock system

  5. Bikes

  6. Irregular items

  7. Locations

  8. California drop off

  9. Playa pick up

  10. Playa drop off

  11. California pick up

  12. Payment

  13. Link to sign up form

  14. Questions?

1. The basics:

  • Round trip prices: $15 per standard 27 gal bin, $30 per non-standard 27 gal bin, $50 per bike, $8 per cubic foot for other items (including all bins not 27 gal)

  • One-way trips are half off

  • Public art or infrastructure for Octomelon is free. For folks outside of our camp, public, interactive art qualifies for a 10% discount: for consideration, email *before* signing up

  • Fundraiser for San Diego Collaborative Arts Project, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that advances Burning Man arts and culture in the San Diego region via art grants, Colab (community meeting and build space), and YOUtopia (regional burn). 10% of all proceeds will go to SDCAP!

  • Space is limited, first come first serve, and reservations are valid only after completion of the online sign up and successful payment processing

  • Sign up closes and there are no refunds after August 16 8pm California time

2. Prohibited items

  • Prohibited items include but are not limited to:

    • illegal drugs: cocaine, LSD, ecstasy, etc;

    • "partially legal" drugs: marijuana, cannabis, derivatives or synthetic thereof, etc;

    • perishable food or beverage: produce, milk, fresh juices, etc;

    • fireworks: signal flares, sparklers, other explosives, etc;

    • flammables/fuel: propane, butane, gasoline, diesel, white gas, matches, lighters, etc;

    • paints: spray paint, oil-based paint, etc;

    • household Items: bleach, spray starch, insecticides, drain cleaners, solvents, etc;

    • pressure containers: scuba tanks, camp stove propane canisters, carbon dioxide cartridges, nitrous oxide cartridges, etc;

    • weapons: firearms, ammunition, gunpowder, mace, tear-gas, pepper spray, etc;

    • hazardous materials: dry ice, gasoline-powered tools, wet-cell batteries, camping equipment with fuel, radioactive materials, poisons, infectious substances, etc;

    • wet goods that could open and destroy other property and/or stink up the trailer (stinky cheese), etc.

    • living beings: dogs, cats, humans, fish, etc.

3. Bins

  • $15 bin price is only for a very specific yellow and black bin

    • Standard bin: 27 gallon bins manufactured by Centrex AND with a square pattern on the yellow lid, available at Lowes

    • Non-standard bins: any bin with any sort of diamond pattern on the lid (regardless of manufacturer)

    • Non-standard bins include: "Professional Box" at Costco, storage tote by HDX sold at Home Depot, "Tough Tote" by Homz sold at Amazon, etc.

  • Non-standard bins are $30. Must be rectilinear and stackable above and below. Maximum 27 gallon capacity. All other bins qualify for "irregular" pricing (see below).

  • For standard and non-standard bins, gross weight max 100 lbs (gross = contents + bin + lock + etc).

  • Before drop off, we recommend:

    • Bag your bin contents or tape the edges of your bin to prevent intrusion of playa dust

    • Decorate your bin in non-MOOPy ways so you can identify it easily:

      OK: Sharpie, paint pen, duct tape, large plastic stickers
      NOT OK: Spray paint, house paint, masking tape, small stickers, paper stickers
  • Lid must close completely and securely.

  • Bins should be packed carefully: they may have hundreds of pounds stacked on it, or leaning against it from any direction

4. BYOlock system (optional)
  • At drop off, bin owners may bring one lock per bin (unlocked)

    • Locks must be compatible with lock holes in Centrex bin

    • When locked to bin, shank must have extra space for a 1/4" diameter cable to pass through (similar to standard pencil).  If at all possible, please use a long-shackle lock

    • Locks cannot obstruct or interfere with bin stacking

    • Combination style locks strongly recommended, especially if a friend may pick up or drop off your bin

    • Bike locks (cable or U lock) are OK if meeting the above criteria, but not recommended, and can only be used for one bin

    • Bins cannot be locked together or otherwise attached to each other

  • More info about the BYOlock system available here

5. Bikes

  • No trikes, recumbents, "tall bikes," gas- or electric-assist, etc.

  • All bicycles must be prepped for transport: "fit flat"

  • "Fit flat" requires turning/removing handlebars, removing pedals, and removing any other wide objects/decorations (attach loose parts to bike frame with zip ties)

  • Wheels must remain on bicycle and must be at least partially inflated

  • No tools will be available, bring your own tools as necessary

6. Irregular items

  • Irregular item capacity is limited at our discretion

  • Orders with irregular items may be declined with full refund within 24 hours of order submission

  • We cannot accept fragile or delicate items, may not be able to accept items with any one dimension longer than 8'

  • Dimensions & pricing is "highest point rectilinear" and uses the following procedure:

    • Measure length, width, and height at longest, widest, and tallest point

    • Then, round up to the nearest whole inch. Ex: 14.4" x 30.2" x 43.8" becomes 15" x 31" x 44"

    • Multiply the result and then divide by 1728 for the precise cubic feed. Ex: 15*31*44 = 20,460 then 20,460 / 1728 = 11.84

    • Round up to the nearest cubic foot then multiply by $10 for final cost   Ex. 11.84 becomes 12 then 12*$8 = $96

7. California drop off

  • Where: During sign up, select either San Diego, Los Angeles or San Francisco area as your location. Locations are approximately Normal Heights for San Diego, Slymar for LA, and Oakland Lower Dimond for SF. Exact address will be sent in a follow up email to avoid posting our hosts' addresses online.

  • When: Tuesday August 22 from 6-8PM. (Exact times subject to change, confirmation will be sent in the follow up email)

  • How: Make sure that all items are secure and labeled with your name, phone number, and email (notecard covered in clear packing tape works well for this). Each location will have a roll of colored tape that marks the location it came from: clearly tag your items with the tape so that we can make sure it gets unloaded at the right place when its coming home.

9. Playa pick up

  • Where: Octomelon, 5:15 & G

  • When: Playa pick up starts Thursday 8/24 at noon (Early Access)

  • How: All items will be stored in dedicated area of camp. If you have a locked bin, it will be in the ChiCargo area of camp, and will be locked via a steel cable: unlock your lock to remove your bin, then re-lock your lock to the cable.

10. Playa drop off

  • Where: Octomelon 5:15 & G. Look for the big Penske truck.

  • When: Playa drop off ends Monday 9/4 at 10am. If you need to drop off anything before Saturday, please make arrangements in advance by emailing

  • How: There will be separate staging areas for items destined for Oakland, Los Angeles, or San Diego. Make sure the colored tape which indicates your drop off location is still clearly visible, and neatly stack your items in the appropriate area.

11. California pickup

  • Where: Same location you dropped you stuff off at.

  • When: Weekend of September 9-10 for SF and LA; 24 from when truck gets back for SD (Sept 5/6). Clarification: Exact pickup window times TBD but MUST pickup during pickup window times.

  • How: To claim bins, participants must open the bin's lock.

12. Payment & Refunds

  • Successful payment via credit or debit card is required to sign up

  • Accepted cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club

  • If possible, please submit payment must be in one lump sum covering all items shipped

  • Full refunds are available before 8/19 at 8:00pm San Diego time (also the end of sign up)

  • Refund requests must be submitted via email: reply to the confirmation email (subject line: "Thanks for your sign up of X items") and double-check it's being sent to

  • Refund requests will receive a reply within 48 hours, actual timing of repayment may vary based on your credit/debit card

13. Link to sign up form

  • (registration has closed)

15. Questions

  • Email