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This visual guide follows Pat Participant, who is shipping two boxes round-trip.  Note: we will protect locks from playa dust with small bags, not pictured in these diagrams.
  1. Pat arrives at drop-off with their two boxes and two locks unlocked.  Pat makes sure to save the combination/keys/etc to the lock.

  2. Pat checks in with volunteers, who provide a special color-coded ticket.  For each box, Pat locks together the ticket, box, and box lid, making sure that the locks won't interfere with stacking.

  3. Volunteers weigh and then stack Pat's boxes inside the semi-trailer, and they are shipped to the playa.

  4. After the semi-trailer arrives on-playa, volunteers unload the boxes into a dedicated area within the melon camp (location TBD).

  5. Once all boxes are unloaded, volunteers thread the end of a steel cable through each boxes' lock, then crimp the steel cable and lock it.

  6. Pat picks up their boxes by opening the locks, removing the boxes, then re-locking the locks and tickets onto the cable.

  7. When it's time for on-playa drop-off, Pat brings the boxes back to the cargo area and locks together the ticket, box, box lid, and steel cable, once again making sure that the locks won't interfere with stacking.

  8. Shortly before the semi-trailer departs the playa, volunteers cut and un-thread the steel cable from the boxes.

  9. Volunteers stack Pat's boxes inside the semi-trailer and they are shipped back

  10. Volunteers unload the boxes at pick up

  11. During pick up, Pat proves the boxes are theirs by unlocking the locks and returning the ticket to the volunteers.  Pat brings home their boxes and locks.