The XVC and Opportunities to Get More Involved

Exist. It is a science fact.

The eXecutive Vision Committee (XVC)

While planning for the 2011 burn, the three original melons were joined by a fourth who helped plot and scheme. Someone used the tongue-in-cheek phrase "Executive Vision Committee" and it stuck, later acronymized to "XVC." Since then the XVC has grown in numbers and sophistication, meeting monthly to plot and scheme.

The XVC:

  • Coordinates much of the Melon Camp planning: camp naming, dues and finances, camp policies, this website, and much more.

  • Is a collaborative working group, not a consultative advisory board.

  • Gladly accepts new members (mostly) between September and December.  The “XVC Class of 20__” is set in January.

  • Welcomes (encourages!) members to take years off as desired.

Minimum requirements to be a member of the XVC--not that you’re the type to do the minimum ;)

  • Have camped with the melons at least once.

  • Be reasonably certain you're going to Burning Man this year. And camping with the Melons (duh!)

  • Active participation in monthly video chat meetings from January to October (attend meetings and digitally communicate between meetings)

    • What happens in meetings?

      • Formal voting & big decision-making

      • Vocalize opinions, talk face-to-face

      • Ask questions, raise red flags or ask for help

  • Complete one green or pink vest shift on playa

  • Be accountable for a specific part of camp strike (details TBD)

  • Lead one department or lead as a Melon Manager (co-lead).

    • Melon Managers have been on the XVC for at least 1 year and work together to oversee & manage the big picture.

    • Department Leads oversee & manage various camp projects and associated Melon teams.

XVC Departments & opportunities for you to get more involved

As Melon Camp has grown, it has required more work in the Default World to assure a proper desert bloom. We are working on a new model for the XVC in 2019 in an effort to increase participation. In the same way that we all share responsibility for the melon community, no single person is responsible for leading the XVC or overseeing all of camp. We all share different roles in making sure camp runs smoothly. Below is a breakdown of the different departments, and what projects they oversee. If you’re interested in getting involved with a specific department or project, reach out to the XVC and we’ll put you into touch with the right Melon!
  • Food: Kitchen, Dinners, Ice, Dishwashing, Coffee
  • Admissions: Ticket Fairy, Registration & Dues, Waitlist, Camp Name, Placement Application, Report for Placement (post-burn)
  • Arts & Events: Melon Gifting, Melon Ball/Bar, Participatory Budgeting, Health Department, Artfrastructure, Camp Sign/Decorations
  • Infrastructure: Shade, Trailer Organizing/Map/Labels, Power, Lights, Sound
  • Water: Drinking Water, Gray Water, Shower, Hand washing Stations
  • ChiCargo: Melon Shipping
  • Bikes
  • Treasurer
  • Communications: Build Days, Melon Bible, Vests, Consent, Photo Board, Post-Playa Feedback Survey
  • On Playa for Earlyman & Strike: Earlyman Setup, Camp Layout, Strike Planning, Leave No Trace (LNT), Burn Barrel, Garbage/Recycling, Compost