Burning Melon Duties

It takes a lot to build a Melon Camp, and they don't pop-up (or pop-down) over night. That's why, in addition to paying dues, each Melon has a few duties to do as a part of Melon Camp. What kind of "duties" are we talking about? Nothing too funky! If you've read our Manifesto, you might already have a few ideas about Melon duties. In fact, if you've done that, you've already made a duty. Feels good, huh?

Just so we're clear, below are the actions that every Melon is expected to do. Translations included. 

Official Melon Duties

1. All Melons must read our

2. All Melons must read emails from the listhost and reply before deadlines as necessary. 

3. All Melons will be assigned a dinner night, and must cook and clean with their dinner crew. 

4. All Melons must sign up in advance and then participate in one of the following work shifts:
  1. On-playa strike shift.

    1. Strike = disassembling, cleaning and packing communal camp stuff.

    2. Strike shifts are Saturday 10am-2pm OR Sunday 10am-2pm.

  2. Load/unload ChiCargo truck in Chicago.

  3. Clean and inventory supplies in Chicago, post-burn.

    1. This includes kitchen equipment, tables, water barrels, etc.

Melons must sign-up to work one of the above sessions prior to coming to the playa. Additional details and exact dates will be provided in May.

5. Each Melon must take at least one bag of trash or recyclables when they depart.

6. Referrer Melons must camp with the Melons this year if they are referring new Melons to camp.
a. As a reminder, referrals are capped at number of years you've previously camped with the Melons plus one (camped with Melons in 2015 and 2016 = 3 referrals). 
b. Referrers are expected to have discussed the Melon Manifesto and 10 Principles of Burning Man with their newbie prior to making a referral. 

7. If a Melon fails to meet the outlined participation requirements or violates a principle outlined in the Manifesto, that Melon may not be welcomed back to camp the following year.

8. Get in touch with XVC if you plan to camp with us this year and are concerned you cannot meet the above expectations.
Unofficial Duty Translation

1. We're going to do us. You're welcome to join if that's what you're into.

2. Emails from the listhost > Secret Facebook Group Postings > Snaps > Insta DMs > One off conversations > Late night drunk texts > Handwritten letters > Sky writing. Please don't play hard to get; no one likes that.

3. Non-negotiable. Full dinner details are here. Our dinners are objectively great.

4. Team work makes the dream work.
  1. Clean up! Clean up! Everybody do your share! Sign-up for a work shift before you get to the playa and plan your travel accordingly. Understand that work shifts apply to communal camp stuff. Pack your bags on your own time.

  2. Put things in and take things out of a truck, in an orderly fashion. ChiCargo helps Melons and non-Melons alike get their stuff to and from the burn. The dates for these sessions will be announced with plenty of notice to plan any necessary travel.

  3. More cleaning, particularly larger items that are too challenging to clean on playa. Also, inventory to ensure we know what we need going into the following year. The dates for these sessions will be announced with plenty of notice to plan any necessary travel.

5. Everyone leaves the playa with a bag of trash. One bag per beating heart. Transport it in your vehicle, in the ride you're hitching, or on the Burner Express. Garbage does not go on the camp trailer or any camp-rented vehicles. 

6. If you've invited someone to camp with us, you should be there too. You should tell them a bit about Burning Man and the Melons before they get there. Full details on referring new peeps are over here.

7.  We depend on Melons completing their duties, so that camp is the bomb.com. When a Melon doesn't do their part, it creates more work for the community. That's not cool. Hopefully, it's a simple misunderstanding, and we can settle it through a good ol' fashioned chat. If it's something more egregious, expect more severe consequences, maybe even losing Melon privileges. 

8. The XVC is comprised of understanding folks who really want to make your burn great. We want to hear from you, but we can't make you talk to us. This email address works very well.