Black Rock Days

What's a Day Like at Burning Man? That is really impossible to say! The most reliable information we can give you is that when you prepare to leave camp, prepare for anything! You could be gone for five minutes or five hours (possibly five days?). So remember that the temperature changes when it gets dark! Almost everyone returns to their camp to change clothes...

Still, here is a selection of possible things you could find yourself doing in a day on the playa:

By foot or by bike or by art car, the best thing you can do on the Playa is explore.

Looking at art 
There is so much art! You won’t see it all! Much of it is quite different day from night. 

At sound camps or art cars, or theme camps that aren’t really sound camps but have dancing times, or just wherever! 

A popular way to save yourself from the heat, get to know your campmates (or other camp, and try to recover/re-energize!

Visiting other camps
Meet some new people!

Attending scheduled events
Work/playshops, yoga, talks, food/drink experiences, bike rides/races, arts and crafts – there’s really no end!

Take some time to pick up anything out of place!

Playa Missions/Fool's Errands
These can range from trying to find an elusive art in deep playa, meet a friend at another camp, or go to a scheduled event. You might have a list of five things you want to do while adventuring, but don’t be surprised if you don’t do any of them. The playa has a way of distracting…

If you can manage this, that is awesome!

Helping Build/Clean/Strike Melon Camp
Be a hero!