A Melon Manifesto

So sweet.

🍉 The Melons are a loving, organized community who value diversity and inclusion. We also build an annual theme camp at Burning Man.

🍉 We take care of one another. We communicate and solve conflicts with openness and respect. When things get hard for our fellow Melons, we sit with each other and listen with empathy.

🍉 We believe consent is paramount to having a good time.

🍉 We are responsible: we read all camp materials, internalize the 10 Principles, come prepared, and follow through with camp tasks and responsibilities we have committed to.

🍉 We understand and appreciate that our camp is built by our communal effort. We work together everyday: everyone cooks, everyone does dishes, everyone takes home trash, no one brings glass.

🍉 We gift art, big and small, to contribute to the Burning Man community.

🍉 We are not weekend warriors: we build our camp throughout the week and take it down together before the Temple burns on Sunday night.

🍉 We prefer to do the difficult, dusty, dirty work ourselves. We are the strongest when everyone contributes. Melons appreciate that important and long-lasting friendships are built by getting shit done and solving problems together.

🍉 We love spontaneous dance parties.

🍉 We welcome newcomers willing to grow, participate and share in the values of our community.